Community effort helps Grass Valley CrossFit find new home.

Emily Lavin
Staff Writer – The Union
July 14, 2016

Grass Valley CrossFit recently moved into its new location on Clydesdale Court in Grass Valley.

Grass Valley CrossFit owner Brandon Bergeron does a squat snatch at their new location on Clydesdale Court in Grass Valley.

For the last decade or so, Brandon Bergeron has run first his personal training and then his CrossFit business out of Grass Valley’s Club Sierra.

But when the West Berryhill Drive gym closed abruptly last March, Grass Valley CrossFit was suddenly searching for a new home.

When Bergeron got word he needed to vacate the building, he immediately began calling and texting members of Grass Valley CrossFit.

Those members came together to help — with a 17-foot UHaul and three pickup trucks.

“A whole gym that took three years to build, every nut and bolt was gone in eight hours,” Bergeron said.

He improvised workouts over the next few weeks, holding them wherever the group could find space.

By May, those same community members came together to help reassemble the gym in Grass Valley CrossFit’s new, 8,000 square-foot location. The business has reopened at 124 Clydesdale Court #C in Grass Valley.

Grass Valley CrossFit offers a variety of daily classes for all skill levels. It costs $15 to drop in on a class. Monthly memberships cost $100 for two classes a week or $125 for unlimited weekly classes. The gym offers discounted rates to members of the military, emergency medical technicians or corporate accounts. For more information, visit

The decision to reopen in a new location after Club Sierra closed was “scary,” Bergeron said, noting he now has to shoulder more of the overhead costs to operate Grass Valley CrossFit than he did previously. But there was no way he was going to give up on the business, he said.

“That leap was, OK, it’s all or nothing,” he said.

Bergeron has always been interested in physical fitness; he began lifting weights more than 20 years ago. He’s been a personal trainer for about 15 years, in the beginning often training clients in the evenings after putting in a full day’s work elsewhere to help pay the bills.

“I just kind of kept making the move toward making that my full-time career,” Bergeron said.

As a personal trainer, Bergeron was always teaching boot camps and other high-intensity workouts. So as CrossFit started to gain more popularity, it was a natural fit for Bergeron. He became a licensed CrossFit instructor about four years ago.

“I got into it more, and fell in love with it,” he said.

Though Grass Valley CrossFit has a new location, Bergeron said he wants to maintain the foundation the business has been built upon. Bergeron said he stresses safe and fun workouts over pure intensity.

He knows CrossFit can seem intimidating or dangerous to those who have never done the program before.

“Those are two things I think are roadblocks for people,” he said.

Instead, Bergeron said Grass Valley CrossFit is known for its friendly, welcoming attitude, and its ability to scale workouts to any skill level.

“Our whole program is designed for anyone who walks through the door,” he said.

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